D’ Angelo Arrested After Soliciting Oral Sex

The New York post recently reported that Grammy Award-winning R&B singer D’Angelo was arrest after allegedly offering an undercover female police $40 for oral sex; about 2:30 in the morning,  the livid macho man  was cruising by himself through the West Village. Apparently, stopped between Greenwich and Horatio streets at about 2:30 a.m. when he spotted a woman he took to be a prostitute, sources said. After making his offer for oral sex, he was arrested and charged with solicitation. Must have seen the Nigger…”Hey baby, what’s up girl…I got $40.00 right here..come play with this toy for me…suck it like a bitch!” I can just hear the undercover cop saying..”cool, hand me my money and I get down to work, then he scoot over in the seat, unzip-lick his freaking lips then POWWW..”ur under arrest for soliciting sex on the street corner..you have a right to remain silent, any thing you say may be held as evidence against you, you nasty prick.” Suddenly  the dick drops dead as the shameless superstar says, Please officer,there has been a misunderstanding…I have an online friend, we agreed to meet her…I talk to her on the phone but I don’t know her in person..I thought you were here.”..then the officer says..”Shut up you indecent moron, you think I don’t recognize you, that’s what you do when you can’t get a hit…go get your dick suck..this will be hitting the news-stand tomorrow.” Should see that mother fucker in the cell…mad with his dick and wish he could die!

D’Angelo’s manager Lindsay Guion released the following statement:

“We know there is a lot of speculation about the arrest of D’Angelo in New York City this past weekend. We would like his fans and the public at large to know that D’Angelo has pled not guilty — and is contesting the allegations made against him. Also know that, he is in good health and extremely excited about his forthcoming new album. D’Angelo would like to personally thank all of his fans for the outpouring of concern, and appreciates if all would allow the American justice system to resolve the matter before jumping to any conclusions.”

D’Angelo was psychologically affected by the attention his body received as a singer. He felt like fans were more interesting in his sexuality than his true capabilities of singing. He resorted to booz and drugs and stayed out of the limelight for over 10 years. In 2009 he tried to make a comeback to rave reviews.


DJ Mona-Lisa’s Online Radio Stations-For The Best In Music

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DJ Mona-Lisa-Most Famous Broadcaster

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Ricky Martin Is Gay-Finally Coming Out of The Closet

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ”

Ricky Martin announces that he’s gay

“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man; I am very blessed to be who I am,” he states in a statement on his website. He declares that he decided to write his memoirs a few months ago, a project that he believes “frees” him from things he was carrying within him for a long time. In regards to his career, he states that he wasn’t sure how the news would affect him; however he says, “It doesn’t matter. . . . the word ‘happiness’ takes on a new meaning for me as of today.”

Martin, who is the father of two boys born via surrogate in 2008, said he couldn’t continue to hide his sexuality now that he is a father: “Enough is enough-this has to change,” he proclaims.

Ricky Martin admits to following the advice of his management team by not admitting his sexuality prior to now. He shares that he receives warnings that his admittance could deliberately destroy his successful career as a Latin artist; Ricky Martin is famously known in America for his hit singles, “Livin’ LaVida Loca” and “Shake Your Bon-Bon.”

Apparently, popular newscaster, Barbara Walter, was aware of Ricky Martin’s sexual status and reveals earlier this month to the Toronto Star that her 2000 interview with Ricky Martin where she grilled him thoroughly to admit the truth was certainly a “misstep” on her part. However, she relates that according to the answers that he gave her and the question that he refused to answer, she concludes that he is definitely homosexual. Barbara Walters also admits that the interview may have destroyed his career.

In an earlier tweet on Monday, the singer posts a quote attributed to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He wrote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ”

Ricky Martin apparently believes that writing his memoir will free him from the psychological burden that he has carried. He chants: “From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time; things that were too heavy for me to keep inside.” He also reports. “By writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth…and this is something worth celebrating.”

Whitney Houston-Is This The End For The Ultimate Diva?

Audio above: (Song entitled “You are The Living Word” By Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ)

Whitney Houston recently performs for a sold out crowd; audience members refer to her performance as “disgraceful.” They claim that the once melodious diva sounds terrible as she miss the high notes that once made her famous.

Out on the streets people are saying:

“Take a bow Whitney; if you ain’t got it no more…you just ain’t got it-your time is over; you had it, you wasted it…you’ve lost it.”

One particular past interviews have earn the ultimate diva quite a reputation. According to recollection:

You were relating to Miss Sawyer, Whitney- that crack was not at all costly…but rather cheap!

Miss Sawyers then responds that according to rumors, you have a $7000.00 drug addiction.

Your comment:

“Oh yeah….if I was doing all those drugs…where are the receipts?”

“Show me the receipts, Diane.” Whitney insists.

News circulates that the pop diva has blown a vast amount of her showbiz fortune on her past drug habit. According to the media, Whitney began taking marijuana combine with cocaine after her 1992 movie, “The Bodyguard” which she costars with Kevin Costner. ”

(Audio above..song entitled, “The Storm Is Over” by R. Kelly)

According to the Entertainment News; article entitled, “Drug Addiction Wrecked Whitney Houston’s Life,” Whitney states:

“You put your marijuana, you lace it, you roll it up and you smoke it; I had so much money and so much access to what I wanted.”

The source also reported that Houston said that she had forgotten that she was a singer, when she was heavily addicted to drugs.

Will the Emmy and Grammy award songstress who is one of pop music’s highest selling artist (having sold over 145 million albums and 85 million singles (as of 2007) making her record sales over 230 million worldwide) be able to sing like she have in the past?

Only time will tell.

Most assuredly and undoubtedly, base on her confidence and faith in God, I believe that nothing is impossible.

*Written By DJ Mona-Lisa (Official Music Master Rater)
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Celebrity Gossip|Have A Baby By Me Beyonce and I Cut Out The Bullshit|DJ Mona-Lisa

Jazmine Cashmere, a porn star is pregnant and is due to have baby in a few weeks. A lot of people believe that the child is for Jay Z..makes me really wonder.

First and foremost: Why would Jaz with his million dollar fortune and the beautiful Beyonce by his side hook up with someone who is known to sleep with all many rappers? On the other hand, Jay Z is known for cheating on Beyonce and producing a son with Trinidadian model, Shantelle.

Shantelle may have even been paid a million dollars to keep the famous rapper and successful entrepreneur name off the birth paper?

I know Beyonce wants to have a baby for Jay–but not now–I can hear her saying in a pitiful baby voice.

“Jay I can’t have a baby now.
I can’t afford to jeopardize my career;
my daddy would be mad with me.
I worked so hard to come this far.
I love you Jay.
Plz try to understand.”

Did Jay Z got fed up with the diva thang go freak a couple bitches and said to himself,

“If you don’t wanna have a baby by me– Imma gonna get it out there on the streets.”

Wow, I can image B hating all the bitches cause they carry the bump when hers went to the ditches.

Jazmine lately states “Yes I am pregnant, 6 and half months in fact.. And I am pregnant by WHO GIVES A F*cK!! lol But the baby is great and very healthy thank you.”

Other speculation is pointing towards P Diddy, 50 Cent, or possibly even Nas. Beyonce must be saying,

“Oh plz God, don’t let it be Jay’s.”

I’m not sorry for her!

Beyonce… where the babies at?

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Usher And DJ Mona-Lisa –The Passa Passa-Comedy

Celebrity icon, DJ Mona-Lisa relates an experience with Usher; she expresses how he writes his songs based on the drama in his life which she most times she’s a part of lol.

Who is Usher dating? Me of course…I took him back…Even though I shouldn’t have cause sometime ago, got this girl pregnant; then run go married–is either pussy whip or blackmail or him neva want har fi tek nuh abortion.

Anyway, one late night he called me saying that he told the woman he wanted custody of the two little brats she have for him. After that she started acting up. Honestly I was fed up of the bullsh*t so mi seh , “Call 911.”

The next day about one o clock, I was washing my “only” underwear when I heard over the news that “Usher got beat up.”

They played a 911 recording with Usher close to tears saying, “She’s outside scratching my car. She even beat me up.” That Foool. Anyway I call him up and said, “Get in touch with Wyclef and ask him to make arrangement for us to go see Zulu, I think that Bitch tie you…Baby you got to do what you got to do…let’s go see Chaka Zulu.”

The next day we flew out. Usher pay 6 grand, Zulu kill 6 fowl and a rabbit–him seh him wanted a ram goat too, that’s when I got pissed off. He was overdoing it now….bout he need more blood fi di duppy dem–trickster!!!!!! Him want di goat fi Sunday dinner fi him whole heap a pickney and baby mothers. Mi granny teach mi dat when mi grow up in sweet Jamaica.

Anyway, Usher was desperate– him say, “If that’s what Zulu need to kill the bitch, leave him alone Mona—I got to do what I got to do Boo.” Wyclef was quiet all this time; he said he wanted a “private” session with ugly Chaka Zulu–yea mi call him UGLY caw mi nuh fraid a nuh spirit…mi and di whole a dem a friend.

I know it was nothing more than the one Wyclef wanted 3 straight hits. I look at him and cut mi eye. I neva really trust him at all…always rubbing up with oil and talk garbage.

Anyway…just before we exited through the door, Zulu stopped us…………… His fingers were trembling………………. and his face turned white like ghost…..then he “prophesied.”


I got tierd a di stupidness and just (kiss mi teeth) and walk to the chopper…I really love to spar wid Usher. Mi naffi take no bus, only helicopter.

Yeaaaaaaah, As we were climbing the steps of the helicopter Usher kept saying the last message prophesied by Chaka was for him. I was really getting tired a di stupidness.

We reach back bout 2…3 oclock…and baps…. immediately Usher go inna the studio and record dis song name “Moving Mountains”..that foool

Me and you dun know say Zulu wasn’t talking about….That Fool

I don’t think that Zulu prophesied about him

Well exactly one day after Usher pay Chaka Zulua, the blasted work went into effect…Jah know!!!

Me and him was in studio when he get a call from a doctor that his wife went to the hospital for a “tummy tuck” TRUE STORY and they were having complications…she was not expected to live.

Usher fly out again with me..he said I was his cousin. When we reached the hospital, he stood over his wife and she looked up at him then he said, “are you gonna be okay? She said “yea”.

Then he got angry…….PUNCHED the wall and said, “Damn woman, I wanted you dead bitch………….you’re always a fighter…where is Wyclef? …Mona, tell Zulu I want back my money. Mona, get Wycliff on the phone.”

I pretended as if I was calling then said, “Zulu not home, remember he said, he don’t work on Carnival day.”

That fooool.

Anyway Zulu was right.

Three weeks after “Haiti had an earthquake”

Usher’s album almost went platinum…he wrote this song call “Papers” and divorced same time..smart but I still call him a fooool.

Last night he didn’t come by..That’s why I’m talking all his business. I know he went and screwed his ex..remember I told you how he got pussy whipped…no matter what, they always make up. Men…what can I say, you win some..you lose some…that’s my plight.

I’m here waiting for a call from that fooooooooool. yea two can play the game…he will never know that R. Kelly came over.

DJ Mona-Lisa Refuses Busy Signal’s Proposal

Dear Busy, So you finally find time for me? I ain’t giving you “One More Night.” I got better things to do. First of all you too busy for me. Secondly, although you have a big voice-I am so disappointed; your thing is so tiny. Shabba use to drive me so crazy..He is a bedroom bully. Ninja kept saying how much he gonna murder it when he was on top of me. The minute it got up,it dropped back down. Puff Daddy is a big celebrity but he screwed that girl from Pussycat dolls, and told the whole world about it..so he can’t keep a secret. Usher bitch is crazy. I gave up some pussy and he confess about it. The song even became a rhatid HIT. OH Busy could you do another song for me plz cause the truth is I imagine you on top of me and get my release. Damn, it’s quarter pass one. Bye Busy.