High School Sweethearts (The Story of DJ Mona-Lisa)

Courtney and DJ Mona-Lisa fell in love as teens then she caught him kissing a girl. Her heart was broken and she dropped out of high school. Years later, they searched for and found each other. Watch more episodes at http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa.

High School Musical ft DJ Mona-Lisa


7 Strokes 4 Luck ft DJ Mona-Lisa

Sex motivation: DJ Mona-Lisa may very well be your lucky charm…check this out! Watch more videos at http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa. Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/djmonalisa.

DJ Mona-Lisa meets online lover, Marc during vacation in Jamaica. Marc interviews the famous reality star who completely makes a fool of herself just to keep herself from falling in love with em. Marc ends up confused and wonders if he is just being used. More episodes at http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa.

Sex Television ft Sex Symbol, DJ Mona-Lisa

Sexy radio broadcaster and reality star, DJ Mona-Lisa discusses sex on a high spiritual and intellectual level. Entertaining, informative …interesting! Watch more videos at http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa

Full Series at: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL575FC036A35A21E1

Skyscraper: Exclusive Biography of DJ Mona-Lisa (Famous Celebrity)

She defied all odds to become a global phenomenal superstar. Mother of 13, molested – raped as a child. The life of DJ Mona-Lisa truly re-defines what stardom is. This video is courtesy of DJ Mona-Lisa broadcasting, promoting global awareness of child molestation, rape and child pornography. Exclusive reality series: http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa